Discounts, scholarships and payment plans

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Did you know we offer limited 50% discounted community service card (CSC) spaces at our holiday programmes. These space are for whānau who hold a CSC and would find our fees a barrier to their tamariki (children) attending. They are limited to three sessions per child and families must apply before making a booking.

We have a small internal scholarship fund made up from unused credits and privately donated funds. We use these funds to give discounts at both our holiday programmes and Nature School to whānau who have let use know that they wouldn't be able to send their tamariki if a scholarship discount wasn't available. 

Thanks to a Tū Manawa grant we also have funds available to discount our Nature School fees. These discounts can be given to low income whānau or to a child who has a disability. 

Did you know that our fees can be paid in up to three installment? So you can spread the payments throughout the term. 

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in your child attending one of your programmes but would find our fees a barrier. Send an email to Rachel@everyoneout.co.nz if you wish to apply for a discounted space or to discuss the options further.


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