Nature Programmes

Everyone Out aims to help kiwi kids develop through play, learning and nature at our nature school and holiday programmes.

Everyone Out Nature school is an outdoors, self-directed learning, one day school based in Crofton Downs, Wellington

Our holiday programmes provide a child-led play environment allowing them to follow their own interests

Your child's comfort

Please remember Everyone Out is an all weather outdoor programme. Make sure your child(ren) are dressed for the very changeable Wellington weather. Please check out our full What to wear and What to bring lists when enrolling. When at our programme it very likely that they will get messy so please encourage your child to wear practical clothes rather than their ‘best’ clothes.  

Please send them along with lots of kai (food) in their lunch box to fill them up. 

Children won’t get the most out of our programmes if they aren’t comfortable.

What if it rains?
We put on our raincoats and go outside. We also put up our tent which is a perfect spot for some quiet reading or drawing. If the weather is extreme we do have exclusive use of a hall when required.

Huntleigh GirlGuiding Centre

We are very privileged to have the use of Huntleigh GirlGuiding centre. The centre consists of a large hall surrounded by bush, two large lawn areas and access to a Korimako Stream. Neighbouring the centre is Huntleigh Park Reserve which is an impressive area of native bush that we explore regularly.

Access and Parking

Please note that access to the GirlGuiding Centre is via a single laned shared driveway off Silverstream road at number 46/48. If possible please park on the road and walk approximately 100m down to Centre. If you need to drive down the drive please be careful and drive slowly. There are some angled parks at the bottom of the drive you can park in. Please don't park in front of the Centre or anyone's private access.  


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