Everyone Out Nature School - Enrolment Form

Please note that completing this enrolment form does not guarantee your child a space at the Everyone Out Nature School. For more detailed information, contact rachel@everyoneout.co.nz

Please complete the below enrolment form if you would like your child to attend Nature School in 2021. Your child will be added our wait list if a space is not available or they are not yet five. We don't take enrolments from tamariki under 4 years old.   

Nature School will be running on Thursdays and Tuesday at Huntleigh, Crofton Downs and Wednesdays at Island Bay, South Coast in 2021. Term 3 starts on the week beginning 2nd August. We currently have spaces available at both locations. 

We recommend that you start a conversation about your plans to enrol your child with their school as early as possible. The school will need to approve your child's attendance at our programmes or choose to mark the child absent from school.   

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Thank you - your enrolment has been sent to rachel@everyoneout.co.nz