Nature School

Everyone Out Nature School is an outdoors, self-directed play, 

one day school based in Wellington.

What is a one day school?

A one day school is an education programme that tamariki can attend one day a week whilst continuing to attend their regular school the other four days. 

Children will be given the freedom to engage in authentic, self-directed play based learning. Educators ensure tamariki develop confidence and skills to achieve self selected goals by providing layered learning experiences. We are able to do this by working with small mixed aged groups supported by skilled and qualified educators. 

Enrolment Details

The Everyone Out Nature School is for children aged 5 to 12 years old. Our ratio is 1 educator to 8 tamariki. The school will runs for 8 weeks during the school term, from about 9am to 3pm, currently sessions are available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term time at two different Wellington locations. Usually this will be from week 2 until week 9 of the primary school term. Children will need to be enrolled for a full term to fully benefit from our programme. Normally tamariki only attend one day per week but if they are homeschooled they may have the flexibility to attend more sessions/week .

Fees: Term fee is $600 per child ($75 per child per day), full term commitment required. 

Please carefully read the Terms & Conditions.

Term Dates 2023 and 2024

Term 4  -  17 Oct to 8 Dec

Term 1  -  Feb 13 to Apr 4

Term 2  -  May 7 to 27 Jun

Term 3  -  30 Jul to 19 Sep

Term 4  -  22 Oct to 12 Dec

Learning Programme

The Everyone Out Nature School is a quality programme that allows children the time to engage deeply in their play and learning.  

It is based on NZ curriculum key competencies (Thinking, Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Using language, symbols and text), effective pedagogy and the Sport NZ physical literacy approach.  

A primary purpose of Everyone Out Nature School is to provide for authentic, self-directed learning to build life skills such as; collaboration, problem solving, risk assessment, resilience, confidence, determination, creativity, imagination, empathy and respect for themselves, others and the environment. Children's natural enthusiasm and love of the outdoors will have the chance to thrive.

A range of child-led experiences or adult initiated opportunities in the natural learning environment will constantly challenge and extend them. By providing layered learning experiences our educators support tamariki to develop and achieve self selected goals. 

How do we manage learning in a mixed aged group?
In a mixed age group older children have a chance to shine as leaders and innovators where younger children are eager learners. Our young tamariki benefit greatly in learning from seasoned learners. They have support to complete tasks that would be too difficult for them to do on their own. The older learners develop as teachers. 

Educators are able to focus on each child according to his or her own strengths and needs rather than their age. 

Working with Schools

Although we are not registered with (and are not required to be) or financially supported by the MOE we do recognise the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and link learning with the values, key competencies and learning areas. Learning through play in nature will develop learners in all NZC key competencies:

  • Thinking

  • Managing Self

  • Relating to Others

  • Participating and Contributing

  • Using language, symbols and text

Though there won’t be any formal assessments or testing we will communicate regularly with whānau about their child's participation, learning and development.

To attend the Everyone Out Nature school and therefore be absent from their mainstream school one day a week, parents will need to seek permission from their child’s school.

If they are home schooled or not enrolled in a school (not yet 6 years old) they are welcome to attend. Section 52 of the Education and Training Act 2020 allows New Zealand school students to have time away from school to attend alternative education with the permission from their school. Parents must seek the approval of their school. The principal will choose how to mark the child’s absence.

Our Locations

Huntleigh GirlGuiding Centre

Serving our western and northern suburbs we run programmes from Huntleigh GirlGuiding Centre, Crofton Downs

Island Bay Scout Hall

Our South Coast Programmes are based at Island Bay Scout Hall, Dover Street, Island Bay


“My daughter loves being outdoors… She loves making and cooking on fires, foraging, climbing trees, building shelters, exploring the bush, playing imaginary games outdoors - all things Nature School can offer her, as well as rich relationships with her Kaiako, which she really benefits from.” 

“Nature School has become the 'sigh' moment for my children's week! It gives them the independence, time and space they crave to explore situations around them that they find engaging.”

"We love Everyone Out! The mixed-age classes allow kids to play up and down ages as they like, learn from older kids and tautoko the younger ones. In this day and age of insular, inside entertainment, it's essential to have education that's focused on the outdoors, fresh air, imaginative play, fixing and doing... and mud."

“I love that B gets to find her own creative ways to entertain herself, without being directed by an adult. It's B's favourite day of the week because she gets to get outside All day! A whole day breathing in fresh air and moving her body. Nature School is perfect for B to have uninterrupted time to be creative…. fosters social competence, which I believe makes children happy.”

“My son is more confident about being outdoors and planning his own day... He has grown in confidence and is not constantly comparing himself to his peers. Nature school has added a valuable dimension to my son's education and without it he would be bereft of the learning opportunities in a mixed age, mixed ability group.”

“My 8 year old has always disliked school because he finds it overwhelming from a sensory, social and academic perspective and even things like class trips and sports day can be difficult for him to manage or engage in. Nature School is a great fit for him because he can be in an environment with less noise and crowds with the calming influence of nature. He loves the creativity and the way he can follow his interests and share his skills and talents. Building a stream over several sessions and a wooden bridge was a big highlight for him also"


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