Future of Huntleigh Girl Guide Centre

Future of Huntleigh Girl Guide Centre..... that we have loved using for the past 7 years!

I have recently received confirmation that the Huntleigh Girl Guide centre is being sold or gifted, and as a result, Everyone Out will very likely be unable to hire the space beyond late August or September 2024 due to repair works. The exact timeline for the repair works and the centre's future use is uncertain, and it may be several months before the space becomes available to hire again if at all.

Although this news was not entirely unexpected, the sudden acceleration of the process has come as a surprise. I was previously informed that no changes were imminent, but it appears that Girl Guides NZ are in discussions with Wellington City Council about the centre's future. These discussions are nearing conclusion, and an agreement is expected to be signed shortly, after which I will receive further information.

In light of this development, I have been seeking an alternative venue for hire. Ideally, I am looking for a long-term lease agreement of a suitable space with permission to operate. I'm currently looking at a number of different options but am open to suggestions.

So if you know of an interesting unused place on the north side of Wellington City that has shelter with toilets and lots of exciting green space please get in touch, Rachel@everyoneout.co.nz 


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